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Brand new lighting collection by brilliant Ex-Creative head of top fabric house, Noel, designs an exclusive collection for sticks. Specialties include- bespoke interior products, hand painted fabrics, wallpapers and light shades. The printing is carried out by hand using techniques which give each light shade a unique quality and surface texture. Printing with hand cut blocks and stencil screen gives a distinctive liveliness, spontaneity and subtle variation.

Collections include-

Costal: Inspired by organic forms and subtle muted colours and textures of the British coast, designed to suit both contemporary and retro interiors.

Kuti: Inspired by the vibrant geometric forms and rich colours of African textiles, the organic materials and making process give a unique translucence and light scatter.

Haunts and Habitats: Inspired and created to celebrate a love of the British countryside and some of its more elusive inhabitants.